A city is not just about the buildings or houses or even its location, it’s about people who follow their dreams. A dream home, a dream location, a dream city, Brunswick offers all those things. The people who live here now and have lived here since the 1700s and beyond followed their dreams to this place. Native Americans, Colonials and the planters of the vast plantations like Mark Carr, the northern investors like Du Bignon, Strachan and Cook who dreamed of shipping empires all were people who built this city and invested in those dreams. They formed a community of enduring strength that would withstand wars and fever, hurricanes and fire and remain like the live oaks that line the streets – strong and thriving.

Today there is a vibrant social scene of diverse people who are taking part in the sustaining of the city. Their dream of a life in a safe, happy and productive place are as relative now as it was 250 years ago. The great poet Sidney Lanier in his poem called The Marshes of Glynn, wrote, “somehow my soul seems suddenly free.” He was writing about the effect this place had on him. This is Brunswick, the City by the Sea.

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