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Brunswick PorchFest is a FREE music festival that takes place one afternoon each year on porches throughout the beautiful Old Town Historic District of Brunswick, Georgia. This event showcases our community’s hospitality at its best as all of the organizers, volunteers, porch hosts, performers, and bands generously donate their time and work together to make this neighborhood music celebration a reality.
Brunswick PorchFest will start at noon on Sunday, November 10th this year. We invite you to stroll through our neighborhood and enjoy the variety of performers on different porches each hour until our finale band plays at 5pm. Food and drink vendors will be available, as well as a tie-dye station for kids. You can help support this festival by purchasing some of our available PorchFest swag. Save the date and come join us for this fun and friendly neighborhood event, rain or shine!


  • For all interested porch hosts or performers, scroll down to find registration forms for this event (registration ends September 30th)
  • If you would like to volunteer this year, scroll down to find our volunteer form
  • We are working on a vendor plan, so more on that to come for those interested
  • We are anticipating a large turnout, so donations and sponsorships are welcome this year to help support this event
  • Any questions?  Contact us at porchfestbwk@gmail.com


Buy some of our PorchFest swag to support this neighborhood event!


Would you like to help make this event a success?  Sign up to volunteer!



Do you live here AND have an awesome porch?  Apply to be a porch host today!


Porch Host Requirements 

A simple process: 

  1. Clear Your schedule for Sunday, November 10th, 2019
  2. Fill out the application form
  3. An organizer will assign one of our five hour-long slots leaving you four other hours to wander, mingle and celebrate music.

What you will need to have:

  1. Confirm you live within the festival boundaries.
  2. Watch your email notifications and texts and connect with your performer shortly after receiving your assignment. You should expect to be notified of the performer assigned to you no later than mid-October.
  3. Be available for the duration of your time slot. Help as necessary to assure appropriate sound level and keep the performance to its assigned time.
  4. Serve as an officially deputized Brunswick PorchFest Representative and all around person-in-charge.  Maintain general order in and around your yard and remain responsible for whatever occurs on your property.
  5. See a problem, solve a problem in your yard or on the street. If it’s too big, get some assistance from an organizer or from a fellow PorchFest host. If it’s still too big, call the police.
  6. Put out a trash can and recycle bin for your guests.
  7. Get the word out to everyone you know and tell your neighbors to drop on by.
  8. Advertising for your performer is a bonus!  Make a sign and let the crowd know who is performing on your porch.  If you need help with this, let us know.
  9. Decorate your porch (you choose the theme) if you have chosen to participate in our decorating contest.
  10. Have fun!




Band/Performer Requirements 

Musicians or other types of performers are welcome, solo or ensemble.  The more types of music genres the better for PorchFest, as long as you can perform acoustically or at a compatible volume suited to your host’s location, the stage is yours.  You will be assigned one of our five, hour-long time slots on one of our hosts’ porches, leaving you four other hours to wander, mingle and celebrate music, or hustle off to your next gig.

All you need to do is:

  1. Clear your schedule for Sunday, November 10th between noon and 5pm.
  2. Fill out the registration form below.
  3. Show up on time and perform at your assigned porch.

Performers must:

  1. Show generosity and goodwill in the form of a freely given one hour performance.
  2. Watch your email and texts for notifications and connect with your porch host shortly after receiving your assignment, which should be no later than mid-October.
  3. Coordinate with your porch host about all of the logistics of your performance, e.g. space requirements, electricity needs, etc.
  4. Bring whatever gear you need for your performance. No PA, sound, or other equipment is provided for you at this event.
  5. Perform only during your assigned time slot, including sound check.
  6. Play at a sound level respectful to the neighbors and/or other performers nearby. Use common sense about your volume level and adjust it accordingly as your sound should only fill the space between the house and the curb at your given location.
  7. Get the word out to everyone you know to drop on by.
  8. Have fun!

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