Brunswick Porchfest 2018 was a success!

So, a big thank you to all of those who attended and all of those who volunteered their time and creativity to make it happen.

  We're excited to plan it again next year!  Let's do this!

Save the Date:
Sunday, November 3, 2019

Brunswick Porchfest is much more an afternoon of coordinated yard performances than it is a conventional festival. There's no real boss, no specific enclosed or protected area, and everything you see, eat, or experience exists only because someone decided to step up and make it happen. All of our day-of operations and oversight gets delegated to our volunteering neighbors and guests, making every porch host, performer, vendor and attendee a de facto co-creator and real-time manager of the event. The organizing committee, such that it is, exists only to manage basic front-end logistics, coordinate performances, and promote the day.

We have an excellent lineup of porches and bands, plus it's FREE! So join us for this fun and friendly neighborhood event!


  • Parking is available at Glynn Academy.
  • Everyone is encouraged to bring your bicycle!
  • Start at the information tent at The Brunswick Manor on the corner of Prince and Egmont Streets.
  • Please be respectful of neighbors and dispose of your trash and recycling in designated areas.  
  • Consuming alcohol on private property is legal. This does not include the sidewalk or the street.  Please dispose of any open containers prior to moving to the next porch. 

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