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May 17, 2022, Meeting Minutes

NPA Meeting Brunswick

May 17, 2022 at 6pm

NPA Board Members Present:

Thea Ramirez

Kate Sabbe

Allan Rosing

Tyler Jones

Zack Gowen


  1. Call to Order – 6:00pm

Meeting began with Kate Sabbe calling the meeting to order and introducing steering committee members.

  1. Local Business Items – 6:05-6:15pm
    – Nicki and Madison Schroeder, Schroeder’s Market, 205 Gloucester Street

The Schroeder Family has been living in Brunswick for two years. They own Highroads Ice cream available in select grocers in Brunswick and St. Simons Island. The Schroeder’s are hoping for a September 2022 ppening.

The Schroeder’s brought renderings of their store which is being built inside the old Maggie May’s across the street from the Library.

Schroeder’s Market will feature the following foods:

  • Meats (local and regional meats + butcher station)
  • Produce (regionally and locally sourced)
  • Breads (bakery with baked goods)
  • Cheeses
  • Dairy Products
  • Wine and Beer
  • Get a taste of wine there as well.
  • Affordable Food and Wine
  • Culinary demonstrations and classes will be offered.
  • Coffee
  • Place to meet/gather
  • Breakfast on the weekends
  • One meal and one sandwich every night

Weekdays and Weekend Hours TBD but as of now 10am to 7pm are projected store hours on the weekends.

Social Media: Follow on Twitter and Pinterest and YouTube

  1. Upcoming Events and Announcements 7:00-7:15pm

Republic Contract for Waste Management

City Manager Ms. McDuffie came to share information regarding the city’s new contract with Republic. Republic has been re-contracted to provide waste services in the city. The city is kicking off a campaign to educate the community about recycling and clean up.

The city increased their bulk pick-ups. 6 by 6 pile of boxes/mattresses/trash. Every resident can have 12 bulk pick-ups a year. Residents must call in for the service. Brochures will be mailed out to residents. The increase in bulk pick-ups is to increase the cleanliness of the city.

Recycling is now offered again without having to have a subscription. Glass is no longer accepted in the recycling bin. If a resident continues to put glass and other non-accepted items in the recycling bin- they may have their recycling bin removed.

Yard trash is picked up weekly.

If a recycling load is contaminated it may go straight to the dump- so it is important for items to be sorted properly in terms of waste and items eligible for recycling.

City of Brunswick Report

  • 104 calls during a one day period in May and only 3 officers per day per shift.
  • 2 officers to cover the entire night shift.
  • City is in dire need to recruit and train more police officers.

Surveillance Cameras– If you have a Ring or camera on your property- you can fill out a form (click here to download) which allows the police department to reach out and ask for footage from your cameras in the event of a crime being committed near your property.

Crime Analyst:

82 reports from March 22 to May 15.

Chief Jones: Please lock your vehicle doors. 71% of entering autos are unlocked vehicles. 16% of those vehicles that were entered a firearm was stole. Firearm theft is the currency of gangs.

Comments and Concerns:

  • Speeding
  • Drugs
  • Homeless Population
  • Union and Dartmouth- stop sign, no one is obeying the traffic signs.
  1. City Items – 6:15-6:45pm
    – Commissioner Julie Martin, Traffic Plans for improvements to Lanier/Gloucester/17 Intersection

Improvements to Gloucester and 17 was discussed. Proposed discussing again in July once the design improvements have been finalized.

Brunswick Transportation Study Group: City and County have an opportunity on a cyclical basis to submit projects to Federal DOT and state level and Metropolitan Planning.

Re-alingment of Lanier-

In order to prevent the stacking up of cars- 2 lanes heading East on Gloucester added to keep cars moving toward 17.

Median area at Lanier and Gloucester for safe pedestrian crossing.

Gloucester is a state highway, so it happens to be the time GDOT needs to restripe the road. This gives us the opportunity to make changes to road re-striping- for cyclists.

Work is supposed to start in July for re-striping. Gloucester will be done in sections. 


341 and Gloucester lights should be coming in soon for repair.

Commissioner will check to see if pedestrian crossings will be touched up with the re-striping.

Question: Can we remove the hanging traffic lights by our welcome sign to Downtown Brunswick? Commissioner stated she would have to check on what that would entail to change.

Question: Where will the narrowing of Gloucester begin? The narrowing of Gloucester would begin at MLK.

  1. County Items – 6:45-7pm
    – Lance Sabbe, Community Sentiment Survey and SPLOST Update

City of Brunswick, Economic Development Authority, Chamber of Commerce, all contributed funding to bring in a research group to find out what the community’s sentiments were on infrastructure needs and SPLOST.

Elected officials were concerned about SPLOST not passing and wanted to learn more about why the community voted the way they did in the last election.

Highlights from the Survey:

89% of the completed survey (1200 people) were very familiar with what the SPLOST is.

People liked the SPLOST Oversight Committee. This committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss reports it receives from local community and what the needs were.

Community Priorities: Respondents believe priorities needed to be focused on infrastructure:

  • Storm drainage
  • Road Repair
  • Water/Sewer
  • Police and Fire

Out of the County Facilities reportedly most used: County Beaches. Least used county facilities/resources: Government buildings and Judicial Systems.

Concern with survey– very small African American response rate. Median age group was skewed- 68% of the respondents were 45 and older.  

Key Points: Over 95% of those completing survey- are registered voters.

UGA Study:  55% to 62% of the 1% tax collected from SPLOST are collected from people who do not live in Glynn County.

  1. Upcoming Events and Announcements 7:00-7:15pm

Allan Rosing shared information provided by a Winn Dixie Representative regarding a planned renovation of the store on 17. March 2023 is the projected start date of the work.

Among work to be completed:

  • All new produce and flower areas
  • Expanded
  • Bakery
  • Beer and Wine
  • New Décor
  • Extensive Tile and Floor Work
  • New Façade
  • New Beach Shop
  • Renovated Restrooms
  • Renovated Breakrooms
  • More naturals and organics.




Brunswick Art Walk Saturday 5/21/22 from 1-5pm

BWK Kids Fest- Saturday 5/28 from 10am-4pm, Port City Park, Free. Geared to kids 12 and under.

Moxie Craft Fest- 5/28/22 from 10-5pm in Old City Hall.

First Friday 6/3/22 from 5-8pm.

Wellness Walk 6/4/22- begins at 8am. **Volunteers Needed.

  • Brunswick Walk, Run, and Bike Event
  • $10 includes t-shirt, race bib and wrist band, deadline to register 5/27. Ends at Mary Ross Park for Kid’s Fun Day Event.

6/4/22- Fishing clinics- gets a tackle box, and fishing rod at Sydney Lanier Park.

6/11/22 End of Bike Ride across Georgia. Peaches to Beaches. Starts in Columbus and ends in Brunswick.

6/16-6/19 Penguin Project- Tickets sell out in advance. High School Musical Jr. at the Ritz.

7/4/22: Old Fashion 4th of July, Mary Ross Park

Next NPA meetings scheduled on July 19, September 20, and November 15, 2022.

Brunswick Flags can be ordered through Brunswick Historic Foundation. The next order will be better quality but will be more expensive.

Open Forum – 7:15-7:30pm

Adjourn – 7:30pm